Aesthetic Medicine: How to choose a clinic

Nowadays we all live in such a rush that many persons scarcely have time to think on what is important, and so they tend to forget safety and usually make a choice on the basis of convenience.
Now, convenience is a confusing term. It does not necessarily mean to be safe or secure. Perhaps it means more like something comfortable, amusing, or friendly, etc. And so that might explain why so many people end up having treatments with fillers, or even botulinum toxin, at unsafe places, practiced by non properly qualified people, and it also explains the increase in the rate of complications and unwanted side effects that we seem to have now.
It is difficult to understand why people would decide to have a treatment which potentially has a risk of having severe complications, in wrong places, or practiced by non-qualified people,  where safety is nowhere, and the patients might be on risk.
For safety reasons, only properly trained and qualified health professionals  must practice aesthetic or cosmetic treatments.

It is your face, don't risk it.

Think first:  Think safe your face!