Aesthetic Medicine in the Heart of London

Health & Aesthetic Medicine London

Health & Aesthetic Medicine London is the private practice of Dr Ricardo Gutierrez, who has built a solid reputation as aesthetic medicine doctor, both in Spain and the UK, with over 10 years of experience in Aesthetic Medicine, and over 5000 treatments practiced on the past. 

The aim of Aesthetic Medicine is not only to improve facial or body aesthetic, but also to treat certain diseases, which have a clear effect on the well being of the person,  and there is a growing evidence about the beneficial effect of Aesthetic Medicine treatments on the evolution of some diseases.

At Health & Aesthetic Medicine London we put the patient's interest and safety in first place, and we are proud of receiving very good comments from the patients. 

Modified: 13th  of January, 2020

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1) the pictures that are shown, the before and  after, are always from the same person, being the after picture had been obtained immediately after the procedure was practiced.
2) the pictures have not been digitally modified in any way, and neither have been enhanced.
3) these procedures and surgery will provide unique results for each person and no one can guarantee the same result for all clients.
4)  explicit consent was obtained from all the patients, to obtain and show their pictures as a demonstration of the effectiveness of the treatments, and for scientific purposes,  in anonymity. 


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